AfriCaN mOdErn aRt Website is maintained by:
Jacqueline Onyejiaka
It is designed to fill the void created by the lack of information on the web of African Modern Art, and with a focus on the creative genius of modern art from Africa. A lot of Nigerian modern masters are well represented.

Afrocentral Afrocentral Presents: Fine Art by Ronke Lawal-Campbell
"Detailed African images drawn in pencil. An expression of the human sensibilities, emotions and beauty of African people and their way of life".

Kárelé O Welcome to the world wide web site of Kárelé O Kárelé O is for the provision of a connection between Yorubas at home and those in the Diaspora. It is for the growth of Yoruba culture.

AfricanTheaterUSA AfricanTheaterUSA bringing the expressions of African Arts & Culture to your room.

Africa Art by Eteli The webpage Presents: African Art by Macaulay Eteli
"Contemporary African paintings created on canvas and published as limited and unlimited lithographic prints. Art works for hanging on walls at home or at the office".

OBADIKE OBADIKE is an audio art and conceptual art group. Members Keith and Mendi explore intersections of identity, technology, and agency in the African Diaspora.

Chidi Creations Chidi Creations "Home of African Contemporary Art" Vibrant, poetic and colorful paintings, limited editions, sculptures, drawings, poetry, art/poetry greeting cards, art shirts, art classes, art auction and studio.

The paintings of Hassan Aliyu Recent paintings of Hassan Aliyu the London based painter.

African Traditional Dance African Traditional Dance is a resource center for understanding African traditional dance. There are opportunities to book performance engagements and dance lessons. Video tapes of our featured dance troupes are available for sale.

Yoruba Naming Ceremony Experience a Nigerian Yoruba Naming Ceremony in the Washington DC area like only the Internet can bring you. Know what happens, read poems read on the occasion, see a list of Yoruba names with meanings and audio pronunciations, and other related Internet resources on the renowned Yoruba people of Nigeria.

Yoruba House
The house is a multi cultural, spiritual oasis for anyone interested in experiencing the positive energy of community and drumming.

The Adire is a legendary textile art design with strong influence in the Nigerian culture. In setting up this site, the Museum for Textiles provides the opportunity to experience these traditions, skills, and creative genius that makes textile arts such an important visual expression of contemporary and historical concerns.

The Orisha has its origin in the Yorubaland of southwestern Nigeria. However, this site is maintained as the pride of Cuba. Small world afterall.

The Orisha Religion in Brasil Visit The Orisha Religion in Brasil. Even though most of the issues covered by the site have to do with Nigeria and Benin, the word "kandombele", of Congolese-Angolan origin, which means to pray, acquired a Brazilian accent and became the word that identifies a religion full of culture and magic: CANDOMBLÉ. And it was this word that was chosen to spread the religion through the Internet. An interesting sociological introduction, its history, its influence on Brazilian culture and the most popular deities are some of the issues covered by this site.

Cultural Expressions
- Ifa
Cultural Expressions Website is predicated on the fact that culture is expressed in many ways. The site serves as a means to express culture and provide a means for spiritual, mental, and material advancement. From ancient African philosophy (Ifa), to modern day technological advancements (Computers), the pages inform. It invites you to open your mind and explore the sciences!

Learn Yoruba Learn Yoruba site provides visitors with a beginners aid to learning the Yoruba language in multicolor and some other resources available.

Ile Ife
The Arthur Hall Collection

What Arthur Hall does may be called dance, but it is also a kind of culture making rarely seen and sorely needed.

- Philadelphia Inquirer

Yoruba and Akan Art in Wood and Metal
A production of the Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences in Peoria, Illinois in 1994. Welcome to Cutting to the Essence, Shaping for the Fire, an experimental on-line catalog of an exhibit.

Download and setup RealPlayer browser "plug-in" to listen to LIVE! audio on the Internet.

KOLAJAZZ.COM, home of "KOLA OGUNKOYA, The new generation king of African music, gbedu-master The I.R.A.W.M. Award artist Best Afrobeat jazz music of the year 1997 Atlanta USA.KOLA OGUNKOYA NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL ARTIST."

 Sample Music Tracks (MP3)  Lacation       
Na Jeje (Chart buster) http://www.kolajazz.najeje.mp3
Otan (Live instrumental) http://www.kolajazz.otan.mp3
Original Blackman
This one pass me http://www.kolajazz.passme.mp3

NORMA J's HEART BEAT NORMA J's HEART BEAT, billed as THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE IN MUSIC INDULGENCE, is a collection of links to African, Carebbean, African Central and South American, African American, African Union Jack and more streaming audio. A member of African Metropolis. "LET'S GIVE IT THE JUICE".

Biamila African Music Biamila African Music promotes traditional african music. Listen to latest CD productions from ISISAKA AKANJI(FUJI ALBUM OF THE YEAR)or WAKA Diva Alhaja Asanat Omo-Aje.

Adeyemo Recording Studio Adeyemo Recording Studio has compiled for you the legendary of African musicians.

Alhaja Chief Batile Alake
Listen to Alhaja Chief Batile Alake "The Queen of Waka Music's" CD LIVE! Right NOW!

 Artist  Recording       
Alhaja Batile Alake  Iwa

African Music Home Page
Check out African Music Home Page for more LIVE! audio tracks.

 Artist  Recording       
Fela Anikulapo-Kuti  Beast of no Nation
Victor Uwaifo  Arabade
Victor Uwaifo  Ogiobo

King Sunny AdeNigerian Music Online
Check out Nigerian Music Online for more short takes. The page feature a number of "sample" tracks of popular oldies.

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