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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Once married, now bachelors

Nkarenyi Ukonu

Kayode Otufale:

The wealthy founder of Superscreen Television station and real estate mogul used to be married to Biola, the amiable boss of Hattitude, a fashion outfit until the once love birds decided to go their separate ways due to irreconcilable differences. So far there has been no sign of reconciliation in the horizon as both have gone on to chart new and separate courses for their lives, with Biola already in a relationship with a man, who is said to be spoiling her silly with the best that money can buy.

Henry Nzekwe


John Obayuwana:

He is a good advertisement for his products which are mainly high end luxury accessories - watches, pens, bags etc, with brand names. The only one who has the exclusive franchise for Rolex wristwatches in Nigeria, the head honcho at Polo has done quite well for himself and is still a force to reckon with.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of his marital life. Ever since he got divorced from his wife and the mother of his only socialite daughter, Jennifer, he hasn't found anyone from among his retinue of women - Vivian Chiologi and his current flame, former Miss Nigeria, Ene Maya Lawani-- good enough to bear his last name.

Benny Obaze:

You won't be wrong if you describe him as the quintessential man of style. He was one of the earliest to open a high end male fashion store, Bevista, which soon gave birth to another branch, Bevista 2. Tall, handsome Benny who is friends with most socialites hasn't been quite lucky marital wise. After his divorce from his non Nigerian wife sailed through, none of the relationships he dabbled into culminated into marriage, not even his most talked about relationship with a top banker, Rita Amene.

So into each other were they both that it looked inevitable that they would both settle down to marital bliss. Obaze has put all that behind him and is concentrating on seeing to the success of his retail outlets.

Kodjo Williams:

A former chairman of the crisis ridden Nigerian Football Association, Williams who doesn't look anywhere near his over half a century age and ranks among Nigeria's most stylish men, is currently single. His 15-year-old marriage to his orthodontist wife, Remi, hit the rocks a few years back due to incompatibility on account of their contrasting personalities. While Kodjo is a man whose social lifestyle makes him a much-sought after celebrity, his wife is however on the quiet side, conservative and unassuming.

Leke Alder:

He is the principal consultant at Alder Consulting, brand consulting firm with offices in Lagos and London. The author of repute, who is also a church counselor, parted ways with his wife of many years for reasons best known to them. Shortly after their separation, the wife, out of exigency, relocated outside the country. No one can tell if they plan to patch things up or simply let sleeping dogs lie.

Lanre Nzeribe:

You won't be wrong if you refer to once-married Nzeribe as a man-about-town. The controversy courting Nzeribe, who used to run defunct Lantana Transport Services, has a predilection for dating rich socialites - former screen goddess, Elizabeth

Benson, Folake Odutola, who doubled as his business partner, Grace Egbagbe who was older. The relationship he had with Egbagbe was the most prominent and the most celebrated as she flaunted him at every given opportunity. His penchant for changing women is evident in the way he changes businesses which he co-runs with his love interests. There was Saga VII, a relaxation spot - a venture between himself and Egbagbe - Aqua 27, another business venture with Odutola before finally (or temporarily?) berthing with Deuces. His pre-occupation to position Deuces as a top rated club has over-shadowed any thought of settling down.

Tosan Jemide:

He is Nigeria's foremost cake-maker, sugar crafter and confectioner. His cakes are considered masterpieces not only because they taste good, but mostly because they always look spectacular. The quiet Sociology graduate of the University of Ibadan got the term celebrity foisted on him on account of the cakes he makes for many high profile socialites. The once married restaurateur is still currently separated from his wife, Dionne, who used to work with him.

Peter Obafemi:

A very finicky man of style, the chief promoter of defunct Ritetime, owners of World Airways, is still very much single. The gubernatorial candidate in Ekiti State on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party in the last general elections hasn't been able to hold down a relationship since he relocated to Nigeria. The Doctor of Divinity's attempt at solidifying his relationship with a well known lady simply known as Doyin, and another Canada based lady, Rebecca yielded no positive result. Whether he succeeds to get a woman to bear his last name or not, there is no doubt that he is still capable of eliciting admiration from the opposite sex anytime.

Henry Nzekwe:

A public speaker of repute, this medical doctor turned communication expert has been separated from his doctor wife for over five years and it doesn't seem that there would be any sign of reconciliation between the two, any time soon. The suave CEO of Abuja based Messagewise isn't known to keep a long list of female companions but his relationship with a certain Omuwa, who once dated the now married Dr Tunde Soleye, made the headlines a few years back until the relationship wobbled and fell like a pack of badly arranged cards. He has since not been linked with any lady.

Dean Priddy:

He is one of the quartets that made up the children born to the late Olu Priddy. The handsome hunk got married to stylish and beautiful Linda Priddy nee Edozien, daughter of Professor Emmanuel Edozien, a few years back in a lavish ceremony. But barely two years into the marriage that produced a child, it ended on a bitter note and all attempts at reconciling the two, who were often referred to as a showpiece couple, on account of their looks, have proved abortive.