Biafra agitation: I had similar case; let's go for consultation - Ex-gov Peter Obi

 News By: Nwafor Polycarp    Thursday, July 13, 2017

By Nwafor Sunday

Former governor of Anambra state, Mr. Peter Obi has described Nigeria socio-political spark, gross-ethnic threats, loud scream of separatism, social misconduct and political unrest in Nigeria due to alleged marginalization, hardship and poor recognition of constitutional responsibilities of the government to the people as lack of consultation, communication and mistake of alignment with the people.

"Our leaders should consult the agitating people, not the elites who have less knowledge of the people's problem" he said.

Obi made the above remark following subsequent questions thrown on him by Seun, the anchor person in 'Channels Tv'.

However, Obi said that Biafra agitation can be doused if properly manage by consultation and communicating with the people especially their leader, Mr Nnamdi Kanu, stressing that he had such experience with Uwazuruike and MASSOB when he was the governor of Anambra state, but was able to settle it via consultation and communication.

"In a situation like this, it is proper to identify the source, talk with them and not the elites who have less knowledge of the people's agitation", he said.

But are you saying that the acting president may be seeing the wrong set of people, quizzed Mr. Seun?

"No! Am not saying he is meeting the wrong set of people but it is good to talk to those who are involve. When I was a bank chairman and had problems with ordinary workers, who are day to day workers like cleaners and gatemen, and somebody suggested we speak with a human resource personnel.

"I insisted because the human resource personnel stay under the air condition moreover, they do not know the problem of this people.

"I told them that we should meet this people. Check it if you come out in the morning and your gateman tells you that he is not happy, I suggest you don't go and talk to the people inside, speak with him because the people inside do not have the full knowledge of what he is passing through.

"The leaders especially the elites who are in Abuja or other high standard cities have lost the confidence. This people no longer believe in them, so let's be with them and speak with the people who are complaining and be with them" he opined.

Pointing at the non participatory declaration over the fort coming Anambra state governorship election made by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mr Nnnamdi Kanu, to his Biafra followers, Mr Peter Obi said, "Seun I have always said that I believe in consultation and I believe in meeting people. It's not the first time they have taken a position.

"When Uwazuruike was in charge of MASSOB on several occasions, I sat down with him discuss and we took decisions similar to that and get it resolved, simple. I believe that he should be spoken to", he reiterated.

Deepening more into politics when asked, if Igbo deserve presidency in a short while, Mr. Obi moaned, "We are Nigerians, we have many people as competent as ever, if not more competent than does who are contesting". But would you contest, Seun quickly asked? "No! no! no! Am not talking about myself here, when I have, I will tell you that I want to declare. But what I want the leaders to do here is to give the people a sense of hope.

"Tell us where we are starting and where we are going. When I tell you we have failed as a country, Nigeria was a signatory to NDG in the year 2000. Seun when it expired in the year 2015 we didn't meet any of the NDG's goal. Equally we have been a signatory to SDG from 2015; we don't even know where we are or whether we are going to meet any. When it's 2030 they will tell us we didn't meet any again", he forcefully said.

Okay! Are you friends with Obiano and would you support him coming this election, Seun bathed him again with another question? "Yes I am a friend to everybody but No! no! no! We are not talking about election now, when I come to election I will tell you who I am supporting".

Dramatically Seun asked again, do you still use the same watch you were using many years ago? "No no no! He said after much mumbling 'We are here to discuss on restructuring and my position is that there is need for a focus leadership that can plan on the Nigerians future'.

"Nigerians want to know everything and what drives leadership is a sense of hope. We want to know our economic movement. We want to know what we are in Nigeria, the state, local government, today's budget of good hope, next year's budget of discovery.

"Nobody has seen what good hope is all about. We need to have proper communication, let's know what is happening and we can build a better place, Mr. Obi finally said.