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Nigerian/African news-magazines with Online presence.
Formal discussion groups and associations dedicated to furthering idealogical issues.

Allafrica is one of the best sources for headline news and articles on Nigeria. Those that have followed its efforts on keeping Africans, and Nigerians in particular, informed realize its dedication and priceless achievements.
News Analysis
Reuben Abati
Dr. Reuben Abati is a member of the editorial board of The Guardian Newspapers in Lagos, Nigeria. He was recently a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow in Journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.

Abuja Today & Abuja Mirror WEBSITE
The website is a composite site for two prominent local weekly newspapers in the Abuja enclave - Abuja Today & Abuja Mirror..
Daily Champion
Daily Champion News is another one of Nigeria's illustrious newspapers. Now, online.

CometNews is a new and coming source for Nigerian news.
Daily Champion
Daily Champion News is another one of Nigeria's illustrious newspapers. Now, online.

CNN Interactive (NIGERIA)
CNN Interactive is tops for latest breaking news on Nigeria and has a deep news archive.
Channel Africa
Channel Africa brings you daily and weekly audio news broadcast on Africa.

Updated 0545 UTC weekdays.

Yahoo! News Headlines (NIGERIA)
Nigerian news with an international focus. Meaning, fewer headlines than will sooth the yearning of a Nigerian but you have to be glad all the same.
Voice Of America (VOA)
Voice of America.

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Newswatch Newswatch, "Nigeria's Weekly Newsmagazine" is published by Newswatch Communications Limited, a company set up by four celebrated Nigerian newsmen -- the late Dele Giwa, the first editor-in-chief, Ray Ekpu, Dan Agbese and Yakubu Mohammed-in 1984.

Africa LYNX NewAfrican Magazine combines news, business, arts, culture and sport from Africa and the Middle East. Published by IC Publications Limited.

USAfrican Voice Online
"The International Features Magazine and Cybergateway to Africa".
Arewa Online
Arewa Online
Arewa Online is a news and information from Nigeria, from the arewa Perspective. Who's who in the north and national political issues.

African Community News Digest AFRICAN COMMUNITY NEWS DIGEST is Online edition of weekly newspaper, covering African Community in diaspora, news from the continent and black issues.

Outcry Magazine Ouctcry, from Lara Publications, is a media and book review decicated to promoting books for independent and small publishers.

NigeriaTODAY is the quintessential pro status quo website and a certifiable remnant of the Abacha propaganda machine.
Africa LYNX NewAfrican Magazine Published by IC Publications Limited.

African-Trade Online African-Trade Online is a one stop shop for African Business and trade information.

USAfrica Online The organization is dedicated to providing an authoritative link for the United States and Africa.

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